New York Hoje and Acontecendo em New York is a blog dedicated to travel guide, tourism and suggestions of current events of New York city and its vicinity.

For several years I have worked with family and friends who were visiting from overseas, specifically from Brazil. Many of them are worldwide traveler and when in New York, they like to experience the best that the city has to offer, in each season. That propelled me to accompanying and guiding first time travelers to New York. I have introduced travelers to New York, and Washington D.C. with the most unusual and personalized tours.

My work is based on extensive knowledge of the history, everyday life, and major events going on in the city.  My experience is a result of over 30 years immersed in the daily life of this metropolis and its environs.  My hope is to assure that you have an opportunity to experience this city as a New Yorker rather than a common tourist.

In addition to the blog, I’ve added a  photo gallery which is a small portfolio exhibiting some of my photographic work.  The photos are for sale in limited edition.